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A new Holocaust memoir has hit the markets: Counting on America: A Holocaust Memoir of Terror, Chutzpah, Romance and Escape by Gary Reiner & Kurt Reiner.

Gary Reiner explains that his father's journey was different. When we asked what separates his father from others, he said:

The reader will discover that the events and the documents also corroborate his persistent character and unwillingness to quit under conditions that most people would surrender. I think it signaled the difference between himself and those that were not able to survive. However, as one reads the book, they will also appreciate how luck and divine intervention were significant factors that played into my parents’ salvation

- Gary Reiner, December 23rd, 2018

The memoir is filled with beautiful language and wonderful flow. Readers will find themselves feeling a variety of different emotions while reading, but most of all, they will find themselves looking through the eyes of Kurt Reiner during his struggle between life and death in the Holocaust. The memoir captivates the mind with a variety of imagery and documentary evidence that are positioned throughout the memoir flawlessly.

Kurt Reiner and his wife displayed a sense of hope when all seemed hopeless, as Gary Reiner describes. However, Kurt Reiner also displays another rare trait found during this destructive period:

His sense of humor was also evident – and his ability to have maintained it throughout his journey of incarceration and escape was quite remarkable.
- Gary Reiner, December 23rd, 2018

Kurt Reiner

Kurt Reiner originally wrote the autobiography, and his son, Gary Reiner, would eventually edit it and help him put the memoir into a structured order. When we asked Gary why the book was published now, Gary said:

For the next several years, he leisurely filled in the blanks. Before he passed away in 1985, he told me of his frustration of not having published his memoir. In response, I said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I will make sure that someday it will get published.” During my retirement over the past five years, I went to work on the memoir so that I could keep my promise.

- Gary Reiner, December 23rd, 2018

Gary Reiner signing Counting on America at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The memoir is rated for high school, college, and academic reading. The memoir's nuances can be seen through its structured information, use of imagery, and ultimately, its ability to captivate the reader into the story of his parents and their journey through one of the darkest periods in history. This memoir will leave you with a different perspective on the power of love, and show the strength of hope in a time of absolute hopelessness.

Buy this book today on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Counting-America-Holocaust-Chutzpah-Romance/dp/1628654910/

We also want to personally thank Gary Reiner for giving us the opportunity to ask him questions so that we can share his perspective with all of you.


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