Hélène Berr
Hélène Berr

Hélène Berr

Born: March 27th, 1921
Died: Believed to have died in April of 1945 at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
Career Interest: Author
Diary Title: The Journal of Hélène Berr

"Eleven children! What ever are they going to do with the younger ones? If they deport them to put them to work, what use are the children? Is it true they are put in German workhouses? They don't send wives and children with the non-Jewish workers who go to Germany. The monstrous incomprehensibility and illogical horror of the whole thing boggle the mind. But there's probably nothing to work out, because the Germans aren't even trying to give a reason or a purpose. They have one aim, which is extermination."

- Hélène Berr [1]

Hélène Berr was twenty one years old when she first began her diary, and she would continue writing in it until she was sent to Drancy internment camp. She would survive Auschwitz concentration camp, and she would die at Bergen-Belsen, the same place that Anne Frank died. It is said that Hélène died just five days before liberation.

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