Emanuel Ringelblum
Emanuel Ringelblum

Emanuel Ringelblum

Born: November 21, 1900
Died: March 7, 1944 in Warsaw
Career Interest: Professor
Diary Title: Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto

"New reports are continually arriving about the program of systematic extermination of Jewish children and old people. The same thing that happened in the provinces is now going on in Biala Podloska, where sixty wagons of children under ten and old folks over sixty disappeared. Clearly, there's no camp involved, but simply annihilation of the very young and the very old."

- Emanuel Ringelblum on June 25, 1942 [1]

Emanuel Ringelblum was a Jewish intellect forced into the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazi German regime. Ringelblum led a secret operation in the Warsaw Ghetto called "Oneg Shabbat," which translates to "Joy of the Sabbath." Oneg Shabbat created the historically important "Ringelblum Archive." A series of documents that note the atrocities and other forms of propaganda that Nazis used on the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

His notes serve as an essential piece of Holocaust research. His archive is contained in Warsaw, Poland at the Jewish Historical Institute.

Ringelblum and his family escaped the Warsaw Ghetto only to be found and executed by the Gestapo.

[1] Emanuel Ringelblum - Notes from the Warsaw Ghetto - ISBN 978-1596873315