The Holocaust in Poland

Our Vision

To improve knowledge of the Holocaust and the persecution of all parties in World War II.


The Holocaust Blueprint is a project that creates educational materials for users across the world, with its purposes ranging from in the classroom to at home study. The project was created by Shawn Harding and is currently edited by Delaney Atkins.

The Holocaust Blueprint is a free-to-use tool, and it always will be. The project provides biographical profiles, interactive maps, and other information related to the Holocaust. The project was established in June 2017, and it continues to grow each day. 

The Holocaust Blueprint has traveled to Poland and visited many key areas related to the Holocaust ranging from small villages to extermination camps. Our photographs are free to use as you wish; however, we do ask that you will at least link to our website, so that other users may review our photographs and/or interactive maps.

Holocaust education is key to ensuring that the Holocaust never happens again. Holocaust survivors have worked to spread information related to the Holocaust, and now it is upon us to also spread information to users.